The park is open. For information on the weather, trails and roads can be found on the National Park Service website:

Due to COVID-19, the park is operating with significantly fewer staff this year. Please be patient and kind.

  • Crowding is occurring at popular trails, parking lots and indoor facilities — bring your face covering.
  • Excessive trash has become a problem. Pack out everything you bring.
  • Stay on all marked paths and trails.
  • Many facilities, including restrooms, are closed.
  • The lake can only be accessed at Cleetwood Cove Trail.
  • Watercraft — including inflatable rafts and SUPs — and off-leash dogs are not allowed.
  • If visitors don’t follow posted rules and regulations, facilities and popular sites may close.

Please enjoy this natural wonder responsibly. Your cooperation will allow us to keep Crater Lake open and its unique resources undamaged for current and future generations.

Fire and Smoke Updates

Over the past few years, Crater Lake Country has had its share of wildfires. But many areas, even during smokey periods, offer high air quality and an inviting vacation experience. Here are links that will provide an up-to-date look at the region.

Current Fire and Smoke Conditions:
Oregon Air Quality Map for Today:


Car – $10.00 (7 day pass)

Motorcycles, bicycles & pedestrians – $5.00 per person (7 day pass)

Commercial Vehicles:

  • Capacity of 1 to 6 individuals – $25.00 + passenger fee ($5.00)
  • Capacity of 7 to 15 individuals – $75.00
  • Capacity of 16 to 25 individuals – $100.00
  • Capacity of 26 or more individual – $200.00

National Park Service

The official National Park website that has complete information on fees and reservations and access to the park year-round.

Crater Lake Lodges

ARAMARK operators of the historic Crater Lake lodge and other Park facilities, offers reservations to staying in the renowned lodge.

Web Cams

These official National Park Service cameras will give you a close up look at the Park today.

Facts about Crater Lake

Some quick and fun facts about Oregon’s famed National Park.

Crater Lake Trust

This is a nonprofit that helps protect, promote, and enhance the Park. You can also view a short video about the Park.

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